Dupont Auto Repair Ethics

For any business to succeed, it must earn the respect and confidence of those it aspires to serve. The most significant factor in earning this respect and confidence is to act and conduct business in an ethical manner. Unethical business practices foster ill-will between customer and community, not only toward a particular business firm, but toward business as a whole. Therefore, our staff has made a commitment to display leadership in ethical decision by following these fundamental practices.

Our code of ethics:

•    To perform high quality repair service at a fair and just price.
•    To offer the customer a price estimate for work to be performed
•    To have a sense of personal obligation to each customer.
•    To recommend and explain which services are necessary to maintain the vehicle in safe working order and which are for preventive maintenance.
•    To notify the customer if appointments or completion promises cannot be kept.
•    To employ the best skilled staff obtainable and insure they conduct themselves in a professional manner.
•    To exercise reasonable care for the customer's property while in our possession.